Black Magic Remedial Puja

Black Magic Remedial Puja This powerful puja for removal of sorcery helps in repelling sorcery and evil spirits. This puja protects against and eliminates negative energies from an individual’s life.
Objective: for canopy from evil spirits and sorcery and for providing good mental and physical health and preventing accidents and diseases.

Negative energies can have a drastic effect on a person’s career, business, wealth in conjunction with mental and physical health. This Puja will assist you in getting obviate the negative impact of sorcery .

Here are variety of the benefits of Puja For Removal Of sorcery

Protects from evil spirits and ghosts
Protects against sorcery and its effects
To remove the negative effects on an individual’s career, wealth, health and family
mPanchang will perform Puja according to the Vedic rituals supported your details. Please mention your correct birth details //[[[ and your Sankalp or wish on checkout. Black Magic Remedial Puja

A short video of mantra chanting and Sankalp are getting to be sent to you in conjunction with the photograph of the Puja ritual.

Puja Tokri having Prasad, Energised Rudraksha 545 and Yantra would be sent along.

You can also log into Skype Id 34 and take online Sankalp with the priests and see your Puja being conducted within the Puja room of astrology of life

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