Capricorn Weekly Predictions

Capricorn Weekly Predictions During in the week , the Moon will transit within the eleventh, twelfth, first and second houses of the horoscope of the Capricorn natives. When the Moon is deposited within the eleventh house at the starting of the week, it’ll bring favourable results for you. Auspicious results will come to those that are within the job. you’ll get success in your field of labor also as recognition for your diligence from your seniors. you’re also likely to urge support from your elder siblings. Moreover, you’ll form a far better relationship together with your colleagues and seniors at your workplace.

Then the Moon will further transit within the twelfth house. during this period, some health issues may arise for you. There are chances that you simply may get viral fever or cold. that’s why it’s suggested to you to require extra care of your health in the week .

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