Sagittarius Weekly Predictions

Sagittarius Weekly Predictions During in the week , the Moon will transit within the twelfth, first, second and third houses of the horoscope of the Sagittarius natives. When the Moon is deposited within the twelfth house, the amount are going to be very suitable for you to figure on your health. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. In your business life you’ll finally get results of all the efforts you’ve got been fixing for an extended time. you’ll even be ready to wave-off your future debts this era attempt to de-clutter your life and to specialise in only those things which can be productive for you.

Then the Moon will further transit within the first house. this may yield positive results for the natives. During this era you’ll form new relationships which can be beneficial for you. Moreover, you’ll even be ready to defeat your enemies and stand above them.

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