Taurus facts female And Male

Taurus facts female And Male

Taurus facts female And MaleTaurus facts female And Male People born with Taurus as their Zodiac sign are short to the center tall , have a broad forehead, shining eyes, plump, dark hair, clean complexion and have a well-toned physique.


Taurus people are constant, gfgfg conservative, persevering, determined, ambitious, powerful, social, affectionate and loving. Prejudice sometimes , they don’t stop at anything once they are furious. they’re upright and steady workers.


They are enduring, violent, unrelenting and patient sometimes . they’re calm and composed with a robust will of achieving their goals. They plan all the main things in their lives and act accordingly. they’re hard workers but can become stubborn and unyielding once they are opposed. they’re secretive, reserved, sincere, reliable and trustworthy. They like to be loved and enjoys to be pleasured. they’re materialistic and lead an enjoyable life. they’re keen on ease, comfort, lady and have many relationships .


They own healthiness usually; robust and sort of a superhuman. they’re less sensible to pain and hardly goes through any physical disability in their life. If accidentally they are available down ill, their recovery is slow as their recuperative power isn’t satisfactory. Usually, they’re susceptible to affliction of throat, diphtheria, neck, pyorrhea, cold, apoplexy and tonsils. Throat is their most sensitive a part of which they ought to lookout . As their age advances, they could suffer from constipation, plethora and similar difficulties. they need unbounded appetite.


They have hoard of cash as they need a saving nature and never squander unnecessarily. They gain when their Mercury period goes , through gambling. They get money from others due to their basic perseverance and patience. they’re practical and rise accordingly as they are doing not take risks and chances.


The lord of Taurus sign is Venus. relationships , quality in music, graphics, cinema and drama are reflected. They take an extended time in selecting their partner and like long relationships as they’re not driving. they’re faithful crazy with deep emotions involved, just get into quarrels with their partner. They wish to meet their social and financial obligations always.


They are comfortably settled in their married life; astropanditji ladies will get devoted husbands and men will get loving wives. They rarely encounter divorces. They fulfill their commitments and fdfhghj always have the untold miseries. they’re going to protect their partner, shelter them, take care of them well and can look after them under whatever circumstances. They enjoy exotic food and parties as they always wish to throw one and hope for an equivalent reciprocally .


They become excellent wives and mothers. They wish to be reserve and calm as they doubt their husband’s love. They wish to be homemakers and become good dutiful mothers for youngsters . they need a mild and peace loving nature. They gain respect and love from their children.


They are very loving, caring and desirable husbands. they’re reliable, generous, adorable and faithful to their wives. They don’t ignore the requirements and requirements of their wives and their household activities. They wish to follow their wives well dressed, attractive, pleasant and pleasing. They love their wives extensively.


Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, the astrology of lifeand Pisces are best-suited zodiacs for Taurus. The matches between them will contribute to peace , harmony and be leading a cheerful life.


They wish to be during a happy and a harmonious domestic atmosphere. They lead a secure and prosperous life during a good house with a loving husband and wife. they need an orderly, easily maintained and tidy house. Popularity, peace, pleasure, property and prosperity mean such a lot to them.


They wish to execute business in cosmetics, scents, jewels astropandit and luxury commodities. They also enjoys businesses associated with finance, music, agriculture, resorts, information & technology, lady’s garments and wonder products.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday dfdfgfgj are favorable days for them. Extravagant expenses are denoted by Tuesday. Friday is their day to fast.


Pink, Green astrology pandit and White are denoted as best suited colors for them. Usage of the colour Red should be avoided.


Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald in Gold or Platinum wore on the 3rd finger of the proper hand on Friday morning after performing the ritual is auspicious. White Coral or White Sapphire should be tried out if Lord Venus isn’t in favor.


They should not be slow with their actions, shouldn’t be obstinate, vindictive and selfish. Anger should be retained for an extended duration by them.

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